Vivian Ku


Vivian is a fourth-year Commerce student pursuing a double-specialization in Human Resources & Organizational Behaviour and Business Technology Management with plans of pursuing a career within HR after graduation. Outside of academics, she loves spending time with family, friends, and genuinely enjoys giving her time back to the UBC and Sauder community through her various leadership and mentorship roles. In her second consecutive year with Me Inc., she is so excited to reach for even greater heights and continue helping students align their business career interests with their personal passions. She truly believes that Me Inc. offers something unique for each and every university student!


Sanjay Khemani

VP Corporate Relations

Merissa Li

VP Corporate Relations

Merissa is a second year student in the BUCS program. She grew up in Surrey BC and went to the same school for 13 years! When she's not reaching out to sponsors for Me Inc., you can find her processing room booking requests as AVP Internal. She loves baking with zucchinis, making playlists on Spotify, catching sunsets, and sending her friends cute dog posts on Instagram.
This is her second year on the Me Inc. team and she's extremely excited to see you all at the workshop and conference!

Jody Chan

VP Corporate Relations

Jody is a third year Accounting student aspiring to become a CPA. She chose to be involved in Me Inc. this year because one of her passions is giving back to the UBC community while having fun. During her free time, she enjoys having long reflective conversations and practicing her new-found hobby of hand-lettering & calligraphy! This year, alongside this amazing team, I hope to make Me Inc. as insightful as possible to all who attend!

Rene Huang

VP Corporate Relations

Rene is a third-year student in Business and Computer Science. Her main goal for 2019 is to learn how to cook (although that was also her goal in 2018 and 2017). She’s the Corporate Relation this year, and she’s excited to be part of the Me Inc. team because she’s also in the process of figuring out her path and her passion. She hopes that Me Inc. Conference can inspire students to explore different options, and to let them be confident even if they don’t know where exactly they are heading. 

Ines Ngo

Born in Hong Kong, Ines is a French Taiwanese student studying Business. With those skills, Ines hopes to build in the future a social enterprise that specialises in education for developing countries. Home for her is Hong Kong, Paris and Vancouver. It is basically where there is good food and friends and family! Her favorite book is called Grit by Angela Duckworth. She depicts the realities of life and how to overcome challenges by going out of our comfort zone. Her hobbies include: singing, playing guitar, tennis, yoga and rewatching FRIENDS over and over again.

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Jessie Li

Creative Director

Jessie is a third-year Commerce student specializing in HR and Marketing. She is eager to learn and always ready to take on new challenges. Jessie strongly believes that involvement in the community is a contributor to personal development and growth as this led her to joining the Me Inc. team. She is excited and honoured to be working with other talented individuals to make Me Inc. Conference 2020 one to remember! Cheers to a wonderful year ahead!

Polly Ye

Creative Director

Polly is a third-year marketing student aiming to pursue a career in digital marketing and brand management. She enjoys doing graphic design and video editing in her free time. Because of her interests in advertising, she likes watching ads when they pop up and admire other people’s creative ideas. She thinks that Me Inc. is the perfect opportunity for first and second-year students to discover their passions and talk to industry professionals. She is excited to see what’s to come in the upcoming year!

Aaron Li

VP Internal and Finance

Aaron is a fourth-year finance student, with extensive experiences in retail management and client development. He thrives to pursue a career in sales and business development, help companies reach more customers, build stronger client relationships, and deliver greater impacts. Aaron joins the team because as a transfer student, he wishes he had the opportunity to attend Me Inc. conference, and he truly believes in the values that the conference conveys. Aaron enjoys hiking, dining out, and cocktails. His favorite cocktail bars are Botanist and long table distillery.

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Sabrina Damnholz

VP External Relations

Sabrina is a third-year finance student at the UBC Sauder School of Business, who enjoys learning about people's stories. With this passion, she enjoys being involved in her communities, whether that be leading school club initiatives or volunteering around the world in Kenya and Ecuador. As VP External Relations for the Me Inc. Conference, she can't wait to discover and bring you stories to help you discover your path.

Sabrina Dammholz SauderGo Headshot.jpg

VP External Relations

Charles Balcita

VP Logistics

Charles Balcita is a 3rd Year Bcom Candidate and a prospective Marketing Major at UBC Sauder, but isn't quite sure just yet. The prospects of technology and sustainability are of great interest to Charles and he constantly tries to expose himself to different experiences and disciplines to expand his skillsets and find a profession or business along those lines. In his spare time, Charles enjoys playing board games, watching classics on Netflix and now practicing Krav Maga. 

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Sandy Ma

VP Logistics

Sandy is a fifth-year Accounting and Business Technology Management student. She was born and raised in Richmond with hopes to work in another city once she starts her career. She's a huge fan of the hit television series "Friends" and love to try out new restaurants during her spare time. With vast experience in event planning, she is very excited to be apart of this amazing team and can't wait to contribute to the conference!

Sandy Ma
Catherine Yang

VP Logistics

Catherine is a fourth-year student specializing in Finance, and is one of the VP Logistics this year. In her free time, Catherine enjoys photography, finding new restaurants to eat at, and watching Netflix. She is passionate about giving back to the UBC community by helping first and second year students discover what the different specializations are and what they are interested in. Catherine is excited to see students be inspired at the Me Inc. Conference through the workshops, keynote speaker, and networking opportunities!

Afkar Fazil.JPG
Afkar Fazil

Brand Ambassador

Allison Li.JPG
Allison Li

Brand Ambassador

Sarah Wong.JPG
Sarah Wong

Brand Ambassador

Jinda Zhao.JPG
Jinda Zhao

Brand Ambassador

Joyce Lee.JPG
Joyce Lee

Brand Ambassador

Kaitlyn Wong.JPG
Kaitlyn Wong

Brand Ambassador

Maggie Nguyen.JPG
Maggie Nguyen

Brand Ambassador

Sanjay Khemani.JPG
Sanjay Khemani

Brand Ambassador