Me Inc. has been around for over a decade; it is a journey that takes flight towards helping develop promising futures for the students of UBC Sauder School of Business. We continue to foster hundreds of students in discovering their passions and aligning it with a desirable career. Choosing a career specialization is a very daunting life decision, and ultimately, we are paving their runway in order for them to have a smooth take-off into the career of their dreams


Having been named 2015 Best Conference of the Year, the Me Inc. Conference 2020 is propelling our vision to new heights. The conference will lead 200+ students to prepare to take-off into the next step of exploring career options by listening to established industry leaders share their journey and networking with top executive business professionals to gain advice regarding various career paths. By paving the runway for students, we are empowering them to take-off towards their dream career as their own Pilot-In-Command. 


As Me Inc. runs throughout the school year, we begin with one pre-flight workshops called Navigate. The workshop aims to help students develop key networking skills by providing them with the opportunity to network with alumni and industry professionals, all while gaining a glimpse into the Me Inc. Conference. Our end-goal is to assist hundreds of young leaders in discovering their personal values and aligning their passions with a career. 

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